Gossip Free

Kevin Hester is your Gossip Free Founder.  He is currently pastor and planter of The Shore Church in St. Joseph, Michigan.  Kevin has 20 plus years of ministry experience as senior pastor, church planter, youth pastor, and many other areas of service as police chaplain, prison ministry, and ministry to the elderly in nursing homes.  Kevin started the Gossip Free Movement, after having his own life impacted by gossip.

As a pastor, your reputation is all you have to validate your ministry and he found that when there was conflict in ministry the most damage done to himself, his family, and the church came from the gossip of people around him.  In ministry, he also saw countless others who had been hurt emotionally and spiritually by the cruel words of others.  He decided to do something about it.  He decided to begin the gossip free challenge to make others aware of the devastating effects of gossip.