Gossip Free

In order to take the gossip free challenge, we should all start out with a similar understanding about what we are going to call gossip.  Here at Gossip Free, we will define gossip as anything we say about another person that does not show them in a positive light when we are not trying to protect another person or entity.  We acknowledge that there are times when it is necessary to speak plainly about somebody who is preying on another person or an organization.  The heart of Gossip Free is not to protect those who perpetrate crimes against others.  The heart behind Gossip Free is to discourage the use of words to assassinate another person's reputation senselessly or in order to feel better about ourselves.  Now I'm sure you can see that gossip does not only involve a speaker, it also involves a listener so an even more challenging part of our gossip free challenge may be not to listen to the gossip of others.  It definitely takes two to tango.  If the speaker doesn't have a listener, you can lessen even the gossip of those around you!  It may be uncomfortable at first to say, I'm sorry but I don't want to participate in gossip please don't tell me any more but it won't take too many times and the gossip will seek out other listeners and stop coming to you.     

This challenge is going to be more difficult than you may think.  Don't take your bracelet off and give up just because you have a set back.  Every time you choose not to say something you may have otherwise said, you are improving the social atmosphere where you live.  Our tongues are difficult to tame so it will more than likely be two steps forward and one step back.  Don't give up!  It is worth it.  

Your rewards will be greater than you think.  Aside from just the personal satisfaction you will have when you overcome the temptation to gossip, you will begin reaping rewards at work where you will begin to be seen as one who can be trusted, who is careful with information.  In many occupations this is an invaluable quality in an employee and sometimes hard to come by.  In your personal relationships you will earn yourself a reputation for being a loyal and faithful friend.  Your relationships will be MUCH richer and more rewarding.

We wish you well on your eight day journey.  We hope these eight days are the beginning of a lessening of gossip in your life.  We also hope that your commitment will be contagious and others around you will begin to emulate your good example!  Come back and visit our site and let us know how your eight days go! 


In our social media obsessed world, speaking is NOT the only way to spread gossip.  Social Media is a much more devastating way to spread gossip.  The gossip of social media is available for many more people to see and can never be retrieved!  

Gossip Free is asking you to PAUSE before you type, text, tweet.  Ask yourself is what I am about to say...